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'Pony Wars'

Trans Am Proxy Series



The Ring


November 16, 2014


Fritz Stroebl finally welcomes the Trans Am Proxy to the Ring for another round in the series. Freezing temperatures and gusty winds resulted in additional last minute repairs by emergency crews. Despite frigid temperatures all ten entrants arrived at the track safely. The cars were lined up (in no particular order) for inspection prior to taking the track for a few shakedown laps. 
Drivers for each class patiently await a visual inspection of their cars. Braid was cleaned using lighter fluid and adjusted by hand to provide maximum contact for every entrant. A visual inspection of every car did not reveal any damage needing a mechanic's attention. 

Very noisy, perhaps due to some rear axle slop causing the crown gear to rub against the chassis. Very fast in a straight line but challenging around the corners since it has significant bite and a high centre of gravity causing a 'tippy' condition leading to three wheeling. Still fun to race and great to look at. 


Good bite in the corners but as laps tick will likely get 'tippy'. Completely free body float would help with this condition. Some noise from the gears but a smooth racer. Slow but steady.     


Very light car which helps handling and very forgiving to drive with a back end that slides more than the competition. Perhaps a little more weight towards the rear axle would help achieve faster laps but this car will not deslot. The body roll in the corners is great to see and makes driving this car even more fun.


Very smooth racer. A little too much bite leading to a 'tippy' condition which can catch a driver out in the tighter corners. Perhaps shifting weight a little further forward would benefit this car by allowing the back to slide before lifting. A slightly flatter tire footprint would fix this too. A fun car to drive. 


Very smooth racer. The lighter body and its lighter interior helps overall lap times. A very good performer that should do very well in the race. 


This car struggles for bite but it is still quick. I suspect it has either a rear tire/wheel out of round or a wheel/axle slightly bent. This creates a rattle heard both in the corners and on straights. The body appears to be twisted making body float challenging.


This is easily the noisiest car due to the coated front tires. It is relatively slow, perhaps in part to what I think is an 8T pinion. It is the only car in this series that can be raced flat out around the first corner. 


Kudos for a full interior but would benefit with a little more body free float. This car has a little too much weight for the setup used. It would also help if the front axle spun a little more freely, but overall it should be a good solid runner.


A very heavy car but has good torque and good braking which I dialed out slightly with my PM controller for this track. Very fast around high speed corners but loses time in tighter corners, perhaps due in part to the guide being quite far from the rear axle. A noticeable gear whine. Body is nice and low. Overall a quick car.


This car is still fairly smooth and easy to race hard despite some chatter (because the rear assembly seems quite tight it is likely due to an unglued motor or out of round tire or bent wheel/axle). A freer floating body would help a little and improve the handling of this car.

The cars are back in the pit area for final preparation (in no particular order). A few R32 cats gather for race day... 
Pit Lane walk through (part 1).
Pit Lane walk through (part 2).
Pit Lane walk through (part 3).
Pit Lane walk through (part 4).
Pit Lane walk through (part 5).


Qualifying Results:

1. #21 - 6.946 sec.
2. #42 - 6.968
3. #78 - 6.969
4. #8 - 7.100
5. #88 - 7.464
6. #31 - 7.517
7. #38 - 7.740
8. #4 - 7.835
9. #57 - 7.996
10. #7 - 8.031


The Race:


Grid Positions based on Qualifying Result - Slowest cars first.

All cars will run a nine minute race, 3 min. on each lane (3 min. x 3 x 1 = 9 min.). Three drivers will race every car in their designated lane to ensure a fair result, starting with the slowest cars.

The very first heat of the day awaiting the green flag. My favourite class of cars in this proxy.
 #38 gets the green flag to start the 2nd heat of the day. The other U entries are somewhere on the track, but not near the start/finish line - the field is spread out...
The first heat for the O class awaits the green flag.
Meanwhile, #7 completes yet another lap en route to completing the 9 minute race.
#4 a fast class car although a few offs at the last hairpin due to excessive bite may have cost distance but not a place in the race. A little unpredictable to drive, but a great looking car nonetheless.
#38 was a loud but very fast car in the U class. It was easy to race.
#57 was a fun car to race as it slid its way around the Ring. It would not de-slot. The body roll was spectacular as it circled the track. 
 This #31 Camaro suffered a chatter that robbed it of quicker cornering and smoother acceleration out of each corner.
#88 was raced VERY hard and wouldn't de-slot. It took several laps to get it up to speed in each lane but once there it ran very consistently.
#78 ran well and had a rather uneventful race.
This blue #8 Camaro found a little more speed in the race than it had in qualifying but it still was not enough to challenge for the lead.
The #21 was in a class by itself as it found more speed in the gutter lanes than any other entry. A great car.
This #42 Plymouth had trouble in the tightest corners, including the last hairpin before the start finish line. This may have been due in part to the front wheels/tires not touching the track to stabilize the car in tight corners. The guide 'lead' is quite short and not the cause for this as I mistakenly stated in my earlier observations. A very fast and stable car in medium to large radius corners.

Overall Race Result:

1. #21 - 77.75 Laps (6.820 fastest lap)
2. #42 - 76.55 (6.954)
3. #78 - 76.20 (6.975)
4. #8 - 74.85 (7.041)
5. #88 - 71.10 (7.476)
6. #38 - 69.90 (7.556)
7. #31 - 69.60 (7.610)
8. #4 - 68.25 (7.651)
9. #57 - 65.40 (8.030)
10. #7 - 64.80 (8.152)
Overall and O Class Race Podium U Class Race Podium
Cheers! to all of the podium finishers and to every entrant for taking the time to build and modify entries for this proxy. Also thank you to Alexis for his efforts to make this both a fun and sporting race. And also a big thank you to the R32 cats who were able to assist me in running this event.

- Art 


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