Why Use a Urethane Tire?

Ease of Installation - Urethane tires are easily stretched onto any size wheel / rib and can be quickly profiled by sanding with a fine wet or dry sandpaper/cloth. Gluing is recommended but not necessary & the use of a tire truer is also highly recommended but not necessary.

Overall Performance - Superb dampening and consistent performance on any track surface whether dusty or clean. The number one choice of tire for many slot car clubs in North America.

Longevity - Will never dry out, crack, or ooze.

Non-Marking - will not compromise or discolour painted track surfaces - the only choice for all owners of DArthobbies custom built wood tracks...  

Why Use DArts?

  • Performance
  • Colour
  • Superb Detail
  • Fewer Voids
  • Overall Quality
  • Wide Selection
  • 1/8" Marked 'DOT' Always Identifiable (by special order - a premium may apply)
  • Service
  • FREE SHIPPING via Canada Post Worldwide on All Pre-Paid Orders of $75 or more.

From the quality of our molds to our distinctive pouring & curing technique we guarantee the quality that you have come to know and expect in a DArt tire. Satisfaction Guaranteed! - Art 

Please note that urethane shrinks slightly during the curing process (<.001") but not post cure. Furthermore, because the intended use for DArt tires is primarily indoor no additive to enhance UV resistance is applied during our manufacturing process - for this reason to ensure the longevity of your DArts please ensure that they are stored away from UV light.