Scale Model Slot Car

Everything appears calm but hidden deep below the green forest activity is frantic. Where? Some have the skunkwerks in their bunker. DArthobbies has the lab in our salt mine. Hidden deep from prying eyes it is where tomorrow becomes today. Take a peek at what exciting projects we are working on.

McLaren M5A GP Body Kit

In collaboration with another R32 member together we are working on this original 3.0L GP car body kit which will be a great addition to your Westlake Eagle & Lotus 49 collection.  


Low profile LEDs AND a new working brake kit are being tested. Look for these additional upgrades in 2015.

Chaparral 2J CANAM Body Kit

The iconic 'sucker car' raced by Stewart & Elford which was eventually banned coming soon! A perfect mate to our other CANAM body kits...

Project DOT the DArt UPDATE

Now we are using a smaller 1/8" coloured DOT to mark our DOT Club Series urethane tires. This smaller mark extends through the tire and is visible regardless of wear. Ask for a free sample for your club!

Ferrari 612 & McLaren M12 CANAM Kits

We now have a matching pair of body kits for both of these rare CAN AM race cars. The McLaren M12 comes with high wing and supports should you choose to model the rare Chaparral McLaren. 

CONCOURS SERIES - Raising the Bar

A solid black tire is fine, and raised black lettering is great, but what if we could add something more? Well, we have! We've made a tire with a molded urethane large white sidewall reflecting the 40's/50's. Order your set of 4 NOW! 



The Lancia-Ferrari D50 captured the hearts of many a racing enthusiast with its revolutionary design. Turn back the clock and build your own Ferrari D50 with this new lightweight craftsman's body kit, complete with a clear plastic period windscreen, mirrors, side exhausts, cockpit detail and husky driver. Body and parts are molded in white plastic (but for windscreen).

Look for this 1/32 body kit (BKPF1D50) to be released late-January. I've now made both a yellow and a red version of this kit and both are awaiting completion of scratch built chassis (yellow to use the BWNC1 and red the BWMS050 motor). The kit is designed for use with the BWMS050 but the interior bits can be altered to accommodate the larger motor. Two mounting posts allow you to mount the body immediately behind both the guide and crown gear. These bodies painted as they are pictured weigh 13.2g (red - with deeper interior) and 12.3g (yellow).


Project DOT the DArt

In efforts to level the playing field clubs often mandate a type or manufacture of tire. While some tires are easily identifiable by their markings most are not. This is especially true for urethane tires. For instance while some can tell the difference between a first generation Ortmann and other urethane tires, most of us cannot.

To solve this problem I decided to try marking the tire - not just the sidewall or tread with some sort of impression that will wear away but something straight through the 'meat' that would last for  the life of the tire regardless of how much it was trued and sculpted. I came up with an easily identifiable coloured dot.  Tests revealed that initially a circular shape worked best to avoid compromising the overall performance and life of the tire. From these tests the DOT Club Series DArt tire was born.

Now variations in the manufacturing process have allowed the use of other shapes to identify a tire.

The DOT Club Series DArt is now available to clubs who want to level the playing field.

DOT Club Series DArts are now used at both MaxportII and MaxportIII. - Art