Photographs of The Ring

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Late afternoon and a factory D50 roars into the corner leading the race on lap 12.


Nearly a lap behind but never giving up we find the fourth D50 entered in the race.


Inside turn 3 looking at the giant willow tree that was recently struck by lightning.


Race tower


View looking back down the front straight.


Turn 1 entry


View down pit row.


Hemlock forest


Race Driver tribute "Rindt" entering turn 6


Looking through the shrubs towards the exit of turn 5. The exit of turn 2 is lies just beyond the Dunlop sign.


Koni tower opposite Race control.


Looking down at the pit area from the Zeppelin.


Large hemlocks bordering the outside of turn 8.


Esso Oilgirl


Not much growth behind turn 6.


Back straight heading into turn 3.


View back towards turn 8 and the bridge squeeze.


Facing west towards the inside of corner 5.


Overview northbound.


Ringwood IV 1970's F1 pit area prior to the big race.


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