McLaren M12 CAN AM Body Kit



Body kit Includes the following:


- Lightweight & Highly Detailed Body molded in white without spoiler

- Driver Heads (two included with kit - you choose - HD08 pictured on model above - both molded in white)

- Roll Bar & 2 Mirrors molded in grey


- Large big block optional CANAM style intake as pictured (4 pieces) replacing stock

- Strip Styrene for custom spoiler

- Large rear wing & supports should you wish to model a Chaparral customer car  

- Four (4) 375MCL4SPCA Small Inserts molded in grey


NOTE: No decals are provided with this model

This body is a craftsman's kit designed for use with a scratch built chassis or appropriate plastic chassis, such as an HRS chassis. This is a perfect mate for our lightweight Ferrari 612 CAN AM and because this was a customer car it can be painted in any colour/livery, including a Chaparral white.  The model pictured above is mounted to a scratch built brass/piano wire chassis with BWA wheels and DArt tires.