Quality Stuff For the Scale Model Slot Car Enthusiast, including:

  • TIRES - Hand Made Replacement Urethane Non-Marking Tires - Why Urethane? Why Use DArt Tires?

  • BODY KITS & BITS - Lightweight Plastic/Resin Scale Model Slot Car Body Kits and Bits & Pieces, including Clear Plastic Windshields

  • TRACKS - Custom Routed Wood Tracks and Track Accessories - Ask for a Quote - Click here to see some of our recent track builds - Our Tracks are Designed and Built for Racing & Display - We give Priority to Sightlines from Each Racer's Station - making for Great Racing - and our Open Grid Benchwork Incorporates Smooth Yet Spectacular Elevation Change with Endless Possibilities for Scenic Detail - We Use Only the Best Materials to Make Your Racetrack a Masterpiece! 

  • BOXES - Vintage Style Custom Patterned Veneered Wood Pit Boxes & Slot Car Carriers - Each an Original - No Two Alike - A Perfect Birthday or Christmas Present - Commission Yours Now!

  • FREE SHIPPING via Canada Post Worldwide on All Pre-Paid Orders of $50 or more (excluding body kits, tracks & pit boxes)...


January 2019

Lotus 30 Body Kit 

This much anticipated release of the legendary and beautiful Lotus 30 as raced by Jim Clark in 1964 is a must have for every serious scale model racing enthusiast. Many versions of this racer graced tracks around the world in subsequent years by privateers. This low, sleek and very sexy body style is an iconic silhouette etched in many memories.

This hand made DArt body kit is based on the original Hawk release from 1965. Molded in lightweight and resilient white plastic this one piece shell with clear plastic wrap around windscreen and full interior is perfect for any sidewinder application and comes with numerous options and upgrades. The shell alone is 122mm long x 56mm wide and weighs in at approximately 12.5 grams. The wheelbase is approximately 72.5mm. The shell has several molded body post ‘stubs’ to accept #226 Evergreen styrene tubing with brass 2-56 inserts & stainless steel 2-56 countersunk screws (included). Choose from three popular body mount configurations: two, three or four post or use your own system. Go to the Lotus 30 body kit details.

December 2018

New Body Kits Released - I don't even list these yet...these kits range in price from C$25 - $55 depending on the number of parts... ask for price... here are some examples of the completed kits as built by myself or others:

  • Porsche 550 RS Coupe - courtesy DB; 
  • Porsche 550 Spyder; 
  • Porsche 804; 
  • BRM 578 - not the usual green livery courtesy Ken;
  • Chaparral 2J; 
  • Ferrari 158; 
  • Matra MS10; 
  • Brabham BT44; 
  • Shadow DN1; 
  • Not to mention the original DArthobbies released - Ferrari 312P - courtesy Ken;  

April 2018

New Scenic Details - Pylons, Tall Tire Barriers & Half Tire Barriers.

October 2017

New Driver Details - Several New 50's/60's/70's Heads & Helmets.

January 2017

New Insert Size!!! 12.44mm (.490") LARGE INSERTS to fit CB Design & Slot.It wheels:

Need to adapt any of our Medium Inserts to fit your CB Design & Slot.It wheels?

Use our new 12.44mm Adapter:


Other New inserts:

Small (9.53mm/.375"):

Medium (11.44mm/.450"):

Insert Accessories such as knock offs, nuts, disc brakes & hub caps/half moons :

December 2016


Several new body kits (such as the Porsche 804 above) have been released to the local R32/Scratch32 group over the past few years and they will now all be available on-line. The kits range in price from $30 to $50 (cdn). The kits now available (to be listed over the next several days) are: Porsche 804, Matra MS10, Shadow DN1, Brabham BT44 & Ferrari 312P. Future kits to be released shortly include: Lotus 30, McLaren M1B, McKee MK10 Wedge, Chaparral 2J, McLaren M5A and more!

In an effort to reduce the cost of shipping and the prices of our kits we are moving to a lightweight package for all of our kits. Since we box all of our kits for shipping it really makes no sense to put boxes into boxes adding significant weight and cost. Made from cardboard/heavy weight paper our new 'pillow' boxes are smaller and much lighter, not to mention cost much less. 

November 2016

Free shipping threshold reduced to $50 (cdn)!!! I must be crazy!!! (Actually, since we will no longer be shipping heavy items (motors, wheels) I am able to reduce the shipping threshold.

January 2016

Due to increases in the cost of shipping I am now offering free worldwide shipping only on orders of $100 (cdn.) or more. The actual cost of shipping will be added to any order under $100 (cdn.).

January 2015

PLTK12vLC - Pete's Low Profile 12v Slot Car Light Kit (Cool White Headlights) - Fully Assembled - 2 Low Profile Cool White 2.5mm LED Headlights & 2 Red 1.8mm LED Tail Lights (same tail lights as the standard kit) - contains resisters, diode & capacitor encased in shrink - and a micro connector for easy body removal. NO BULKY PC Board!

PLTK12vLW - Pete's Low Profile 12v Slot Car Light Kit (Warm White Headlights) - Fully Assembled - 2 Low Profile Warm White 2.5mm LED Headlights & 2 Red 1.8mm LED Tail Lights (same tail lights as the standard kit) - contains resisters, diode & capacitor encased in shrink - and a micro connector for easy body removal. NO BULKY PC Board!

All of Pete's fully assembled kits provide long lasting 'Lights On' after de-slotting or power off. Simply solder to your motor tabs or attach to your guide leads.

FOR USE ON 10 - 12v DC Powered Tracks ONLY! 

December 2014

All PLTK12vS light kits now come with a MICRO CONNECTOR to allow easy removal of the car body from its chassis for chassis maintenance/repair - still for the same great low price!!!

September 2014

 1/32 McLaren M12 Customer CAN AM Body Kit   

August 2014


 Molto VeLoce Circuit  

Pictures of our latest track build - The Molto VeLoce Circuit - in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

March 2013

1/32 Ferrari 612 CAN AM Body Kit

By special request we will be making three custom designed 'Artwork' wood slot car pit boxes this March, each with an original and unique shell design. Cost is $335 per box (plus shipping). Commission yours now!

February 2013

1/32 Ferrari D50 Body Kit and a few photographs in the Track area Added.

January 2013

1/32 Club Series 'Marked' Tires - Special Order.

1/32 Inserts (and Pictures) Added. 1/24 Inserts coming soon!

1/32 Parts Added, including Pete's 12v Slot Car Light Kit.

1/32 Tire Added - DA0211 - a taller & wider alternative for the BWA Narrow 13" Wheel.

November 2012

1/32 Motor Added - BWMS050 - Back by popular demand this BWA 'slo' slim can replacement motor is now in stock.

September 2012

1/32 Motor Added - BWNC1 - Back by popular demand this BWA replacement motor is now in stock. 

1/32 Parts Added - Double & Single Flanged Ball Bearings for 3/32 axles.

DARTHOBBIES are the exclusive retailer for the BWA product line.

Summer 2012

BWA (Big Wild Al) Slot Car Parts are now part for the DArts family and available here. Check out our BWA 1/32 Wheels, Inserts & Parts pages for a complete inventory (pictures coming soon however). To order just email darthobbies at art@darthobbies.com .

May 2012

1/32 Parts Added - Driver Heads, Steering Wheels, Gas Caps, NASCAR wheels, and more!

1/32 Tires Added - Vintage Cox Cheetah (Front & Rear)

April 2012

Lots of pictures, parts and information added throughout... too much to list... check it out for yourself.

March 2012



1/32 F1 Body Kit - Honda RA273

February 2012

1/32 Parts Added - Precision 3/32 drill blank axles 

1/32 Tires Added - GT40/Chaparral, Modern F1 Slick, NASCAR Taurus/Chevrolet

January 2012

1/32 Tires Added - Classic Michelin, RB5 F1, Chevy Bel Air, Streamliner, 13" R/M Classic N/M/W

December 2011

DArts 1/32 Scale Model Slot Car Tire Installation Primer

Order Direct - DArt 1/32 Scale Model Slot Car Tires & Parts