Honda RA273 Body Kit

Body and all parts molded in bright white plastic. Windshield molded in clear plastic.

Body Kit includes the following:

Plastic Case

Decal Placement Card


Engine/Exhaust Detail & Transmission Detail (Bag 1)

Clear Windscreen (Bag 2)

Period Mirrors (Bag 3)

Driver's Head (Bag 4)

Super Fine Radiator Mesh & Roll Bar Wire (Bag 5)

Optional Intake/Stack Detail (4 pieces) (Bag 6)

Decal Sheet (Bag 7)


Decals printed with a canon ink jet printer on SuperCal Clear decal paper. Each decal sheet is sprayed with three coats of Krylon Crystal Clear. Download the decal sheet in MSWord format to resize and print.


RA273 decals in MSWord format (resize and print)
RA273 decals in .jpg format
RA273 decals in .pdf format