Ferrari D50 Body Kit


Lightweight body and all parts molded in bright white plastic. Windshield molded in clear plastic.

Body kit Includes the following:


Plastic Case

Suggested Liveries & Kit Contents Cards

Detailed Body with 2 posts

Optional Exhaust Detail (2 pieces) (Bag 1)

Clear Windscreen (Bag 2)

Optional Mirrors (Bag 3)

Optional Fuel Caps (2 pieces) (Bag 4)

Driver Detail (Head & Upper Body) (Bag 5)

Driver Tray, Steering Wheel & Gauge Panel (Bag 6)

Super Fine Radiator Screen (Bag 7)

This body is a craftsman's kit designed for use with a scratch built chassis or PCS32 plastic chassis. Kit designed for use with a BWMS050 motor or other FF050 size can (red #11 pictured above) but with modification to the driver's tray you can adapt this kit for use with the BWNC1 motor (yellow #2 pictured above). Optional fuel caps were not used in either body pictured above. The Yellow #2 also uses an optional windscreen (part number WSVGP01) in lieu of the kit windscreen used on Red #11.

Complete & Painted Red #11 as depicted (excluding chassis) weighs just 13.2g. Complete & Painted Yellow #2 as depicted (excluding chassis) weighs 12.3g. The interior tray & driver's body were modified to raise the tray to accommodate the larger motor hence the savings of .9g.

Both D50 kits shown above use BW15-200-093-450 wheels (front & rear) with SC0120 DArt tires (rear) & SC0120F DArt tires (front) and 450WIRE2KO (front) and 450WIRE3KO (rear) inserts. Chassis were scratch built.

NO DECALS are included with this kit.