Ferrari 612 CAN AM Body Kit


Body kit Includes the following:


Lightweight & Highly Detailed Body molded in white

Driver Heads (two included with kit - you choose - HD08 pictured on model above - both molded in white)

Three Point Roll Bar & Single Post Mirror molded in grey

Four 375FERSPORT BWA Small Inserts molded in grey

Separate black number decals & four solid white pre-cut rondels

This body is a craftsman's kit designed for use with a scratch built chassis or appropriate plastic chassis, such as an HRS chassis. Complete body kit after painting weighs in at 18.5g .  The model pictured above is mated to a scratch built brass/piano wire chassis using a Fox 10 motor with Slot.It pinion & spur gear and BWA wheels with DArt tires. No primer was used but the body was thoroughly cleaned prior to painting. Three coats of Tamiya TS-8 Italian Red gave us this finish and other body details were painted afterwards. Driver's Head & Roll Bar were coated with Tamiya TS-80 Flat Clear.

Black number decals on clear water slide decal paper are provided along with 4 solid white pre-cut rondels to capture this car's appearance at Watkin's Glen.