Molto VeLoce Circuit

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Built in June 2014, this is a very fast 1/32 analog four lane race track occupying an area of 11' x 24' with lane lengths of approximately 90', 3.5" lane spacing throughout, 3 overpasses to ensure nearly identical lane lengths and large pit area. Driver stations are spaced comfortably along the front straight and marshal track call buttons are found on each of the other three 'sides' of the track. A fast, flowing and very challenging race track within the DArthobbies design tradition.

Urethane DArthobbies tire barriers, hand painted curbs & track patches, airbrushed cracks, concrete patches, water marks and racing line along with dry brushed wall scrapes and skid marks/burnouts throughout.

Hand painted Grand Prix Champion 'driver tributes' found throughout.

A dead strip is used for the TrackMate timing hardware along with five power taps soldered directly to each rail to ensure reliable and consistent performance.


Large pit area with modified Carrera pit buildings and various pit area details such as our new DArthobbies urethane traffic cones.

Three track call buttons & four comfortably spaced driver stations found along the front straight.

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