Lotus 30 Body Kit

This much anticipated release of the legendary and beautiful Lotus 30 as raced by Jim Clark in 1964 is a must have for every serious scale model racing enthusiast. Many versions of this racer graced tracks around the world in subsequent years by privateers. This low, sleek and very sexy body style is an iconic silhouette etched in many memories.

This hand made DArt body kit is based on the original Hawk release from 1965. Molded in lightweight and resilient white plastic this one piece shell with clear plastic wrap around windscreen and full interior is perfect for any sidewinder application and comes with numerous options and upgrades. The shell alone is 122mm long x 56mm wide and weighs in at approximately 12.5 grams. The wheelbase is approximately 72.5mm. The shell has several molded body post ‘stubs’ to accept #226 Evergreen styrene tubing with brass 2-56 inserts & stainless steel 2-56 countersunk screws (included). Choose from three popular body mount configurations: two, three or four post or use your own system. Enjoy your build! - Art



This body kit Includes the following:
  • One lightweight white plastic Lotus 30 body;

  • Large wrap around clear plastic windscreen with three mounting posts for accurate and easy placement into shell – no guessing and no drilling (bag 1);

  • One pair of clear red plastic tail lamps to fit existing recessed holes in the shell – again no guessing and no drilling (bag 1);

  • Optional clear plastic headlamp lenses – requires cutting the fenders (bag 1);

  • Complete period pilot figure, separate head & steering wheel – sized to fit perfectly into the pilot’s seat and hold the supplied steering wheel (bag 2);

  • Metal rollbar (bag 3);

  • Optional shifter with linkage & fire extinguisher (bag 4);

  • Optional passenger side tonneau cover (bag 4);

  • Optional period mirror (bag 4);

  • Optional double pipe exhaust detail (bag 4);

  • Optional short & long stack detail (2) – requires removing the molded intake body detail (bag 4);

  • Optional pair of engine valve covers (bag 4);

  • Optional gas caps (2) (bag 4);

  • DArt medium size 11.44mm Lotus four spoke knock off plastic wheel inserts (4) (bag 5);

  • 4″ section of #226 Evergreen styrene tubing (enough for at least 4 body posts);

  • 4 push in brass inserts threaded 2-56 (bag 6); and

  • 4 countersunk flat head steel 2-56 screws (bag 6);

NOTE: No decals are provided with this model

This body is a craftsman's kit designed for use with a scratch built chassis or appropriate plastic chassis, such as an HRS chassis.

DArt Lotus 30 Body Kit Parts List.pdf