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My wheel inserts are produced using a lightweight plastic and are designed to fit many popular  aftermarket wheel types, such as BWA, RS Slot, CB Design, Slot.It and many more. All wheel inserts are molded in light grey. I've tried to reflect a description of each insert in every part number to help identify the different styles. Wherever possible I've tried to include an old BWA part number to assist returning modelers but when ordering please use the current part number only. As always suggested models are provided as an example but are never meant to be conclusive. If you ever find yourself stuck just ask me and I'll try to help as best I can.

If you recognize an insert typically being from any other model not listed please email me the model and a link to a picture - my goal is to keep this list as accurate as possible (although it is not meant to be an exhaustive list). 

INSERT PREP Your inserts may have a small film or layer of plastic or 'flashing' on the backside which is a normal. The easiest way to remove this is to lay a piece of fine wet/dry sandpaper (600 or higher works nicely) flat and pushing the tip or pad of a finger down on the front of the insert rub the insert across the sandpaper until the flashing on the backside is completely removed. For wire wheel inserts be careful not to sand the detail away. For best results paint using a primer first followed by your choice of colour (preferably with an air brush). Add a dark grey or black ‘wash’ to bring out detail, especially on wire wheel inserts. Use white glue to secure your inserts within each wheel.

To Order:




9.53mm (.375")


(BWA, RS Slot, Vintage Monogram)

11.44mm  (.450")


(BWA, RS Slot)

12.44mm (.490")


(CB Design, Slot.It)

13.72mm (.540")

Extra - Large

(CB Design, Slot.It)


Convert Any Medium Insert to a Large


Centres, Discs & Half Moons for your Inserts

9.53mm (.375") SMALL (Fit BWA & RS Slot wheels)

  375WIRE2KO - Wire wheel w/2 ear knock off (Lancia/Ferrari D50 Front)
$1.00 each
375WIRE3KO - Wire wheel w/3 ear knock off (Lancia/Ferrari D50 Rear)
$1.00 each
375BORA3KO - Borani Wire Wheel w/3 ear knock off  $1.00 each
375LOTUS4WOB - Lotus 4 Wobble (Lotus 23/33 Fronts)
$1.00 each
375LOTUS6WOB - Lotus 6 Wobble (Lotus 18, 19, 23, 25, 33 rear)
$1.00 each
375LOLAT70S - 6 spoke (Lola T70 Spyder)  $1.00 each
3756SP3KO - 6 spoke with 3 ear knock off (Lola T70)
$1.00 each
3756SPNUT - 6 spoke with centre nut
$1.00 each
375HAL3KO - Halibrand with knock off (Cobra/GT40)
$1.00 each
375LOLAGTMKIV - Lola GT Mag (Lola MKIV)
$1.00 each
375MAG5SPOP - 5 spoke American Mag torque thrust style
$1.00 each
375MAG5SNUT - 5 spoke American Mag (Cheetah)
$1.00 each
375FERSPORT - 5 spoke Ferrari style (Ferrari 312, 330, 350, 512, 612)
$1.00 each
375FER5SPGP - 5 spoke Ferrari 60's GP style (Ferrari 158)
$1.00 each
375MCL4SPCA - 4 spoke McLaren CANAM style
$1.00 each
375BRABHAMGP - 4 spoke Brabham 60's GP style
$1.00 each
375BRM5SPFGP - BRM 60's GP style (front) $1.00 each
375BRM5SPRGP - BRM 60's GP style 6 spoke (rear) $1.00 each
3754SPOKE $1.00 each
3756SPGP - Classic 6 spoke GP style (Lotus, Honda, Lola, Matra) $1.00 each
3756SPGPC - Classic 6 spoke GP style with Centre Detail (Lotus, Honda, Lola, Matra) $1.00 each
375MIDGET - Classic Midget style (BW375-29) $1.00 each
375MINILITE - Minilite Trans Am style (late 60's Camaros) (BW375-05) $1.00 each
375GT5SP - Vintage 5 spoke GT style $1.00 each
375MODINDY - Modern BBS Indy & Formula 1 $1.00 each

11.44mm (.450") MEDIUM (Fit BWA and RS Slot wheels)

  450WIRE2KO - Wire wheel with 2 ear knock off (Lancia/Ferrari D50 front)
$1.00 each
450WIRE3KO - Wire wheel with 3 ear knock off (Lancia/Ferrari D50 rear)
$1.00 each
450FERSPORTKO - Ferrari 5 spoke with 3 ear knock off (Ferrari 330, 350CA, P4) $1.00 each
450DUNL3PTKO - Dunlop steel with 3 point knock off style (Jaguar DType)
$1.00 each
450DUNL3SQKO - Dunlop steel with 3 square knock off style (Jaguar DType) $1.00 each
450DUNLNUT - Dunlop steel with centre nut
$1.00 each
450DUNLPLN - Dunlop steel with plain centre
$1.00 each
450HALKID3KO - Halibrand '50s steel kidney with 3 ear knock off (Corvette)
$1.00 each
450HALMAGNUT - Halibrand style with centre nut (Cobra)
$1.00 each
450LOT4SPKO - 4 Spoke Lotus with 3 ear knock off (Lotus 30, 40)
$1.00 each
450LOT4SPKOCL - 4 Spoke Lotus with 3 ear knock off & closed centre (Lotus 30, 40) $1.00 each
450LOT6WOB - Lotus 6 Wobble (Lotus 18, 19, 23, 25, 33 rear)
$1.00 each
450LOLAT70S - 6 spoke Lola T70 Spyder
$1.00 each
4506SP3KO - 6 spoke with 3 ear knock off (Fort GT40) $1.00 each
4506SPOPEN - 6 spoke with open center style $1.00 each
450CMINICL - Cooper minilite with closed center (Cooper GP)
$1.00 each
450CMINIOP - Cooper minilite with open center (Cooper GP)
$1.00 each
450BRM50GP - BRM '50's GP
$1.00 each
450MAG5SNUT - 5 spoke American Mag (Cheetah) $1.00 each
   450STEEL40 - Classic 30's thru '50s stock car style steel wheel
$1.00 each
450STEEL60 - Classic '60s stock car style steel wheel
$1.00 each
450PORSCHE356 - Porsche 356 steel wheel
$1.00 each
450PORSCHE6 - Porsche Carrera 6 steel wheel $1.00 each
450HOTROD5 - 5 hole hot rod style mag wheel
$1.00 each
450FUCHS911 - Porsche Fuchs style (Porsche 911)
$1.00 each
450CHEVRON - Chevron 4 spoke style (Chevron B19/21)
$1.00 each
450PORSCHE908 - Porsche 5 spoke (Porsche 908/917)
$1.00 each
450STEELCL - Alternative steel wheel with centre cap $1.00 each
450CHAP - Chaparral $1.00 each
450EARLYBBS - Early BBS style (BMW 3.5 CSL, PORSCHE 956/62) $1.00 each

12.44mm (.490") Large (Fit CB Design & Slot.It wheels) 

  490MAG5SNUT - 5 Spoke American Mag (Cheetah) $1.00 each
490MINILITE - Minilite Trans Am Style (Camaro) $1.00 each
490STEEL60 - Classic '60s Style Stock Car Steel Wheel $1.00 each

13.72mm (.540") Extra - Large (Fit BWA and Large Slot.It wheels) 

  540MOD7SP - Modern 7 spoke LMP/GT/DTM style
$1.00 each
540MOD15SP - Modern 15 spoke LMP/GT/DTM style (Audi LMP)
$1.00 each
540MOD14F - Modern 14 finger GT style
$1.00 each


  490ADAPTER - Converts all 11.44mm (.450") Inserts to 12.44mm (.490") to fit scale 15" CB Design & Slot.It wheels - beveled edge with thin backing (easily removed depending on your application)  $0.50 each


  370DISCBR - 9.40mm (.370") Diameter Disc Brake with 3/32 hole for axle - Use behind any insert for added detail  $1.00 each
3SPKO - 3 Spoke Knock Off with flat base which can be glued to the centre of any insert after painting $0.50 each
CNUT - 2.85mm (.112") Diameter Centre Wheel Nut with 2.25mm/.088" locating pin at back - just drill and glue in place (or cut off and glue flush). A direct fit for any Slot.It Matra rear wheel plastic insert $0.50 each
340HALFMOON - 8.60mm (.340") Diameter Half Moon Centre/Hub Cap perfect for Porsche/VW and other applications - small locating pin (1.2mm/.048" in diameter) molded on back for centering - just drill and glue in place. Also a direct fit for any Ninco Classic Porsche 356 plastic wheel  $1.00 each

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