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To address those concerned with long wait times for me to manufacture & ship orders a separate and alternative 'store/checkout' will be available soon which will only list 'in stock' items and guarantee shipping within 2 business days of 'checkout'

The online 'store' will be in addition to the email method provided by me (below). Hopefully the bugs will be worked out early in 2018. Stay tuned...

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Picture of the Week (April 9 - 15)

Chris Amon navigates through the narrows on his way to clinching CANAM Thunder II in blistering fashion - just missing the track record. A scratch built chassis powered by a Fox 10 motor running on BWA wheels, DArt inserts & Tires underneath a DArt Ferrari 612 Body Kit with fantasy period livery. The original post on the mirror was substituted with a small gauge piano wire for added realism and the wing was an added DArt accessory. To check out more of CANAM Thunder II click here.